"Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve".

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Welcome to Marcovelli Brothers - Investing in the Future

We are a boutique investment house specializing in investing in IT, telecom and technological endeavors. We are unaffiliated and independent and as such we actively seek exciting investment opportunities, without a corporate directive policy holding us back. Our only guidance is our clients' requests and requirements. 

We comply stringently with industry standards and regulations and carry out strict due diligence on any financial products we add to our clients' portfolios. Our goal is to provide excellent ongoing returns on our clients' portfolio investments in the IT, telecom and tech sectors. Our analysts and portfolio managers ensure continued value on holdings and make recommendations and any necessary adjustments, as and when required. We have a varied client base including high wealth individuals, as well as corporate customers looking to invest in a diversified tech-based portfolio offering attractive returns.

Client privacy is of paramount importance to us all at Marcovelli Brothers; we conduct our business activity on our clients' behalf with the utmost discretion and in accord with our privacy policy.

Our portfolio managers constantly monitor portfolio performance on our clients' behalf while maintaining a policy of full transparency, keeping them in the loop on any major market developments that may require action or changes to the portfolio composition. Portfolio performance information is available in real time to registered clients and can be easily accessed here.


Marcovelli Brothers' team of experts is highly motivated and committed to the goal of providing our clients with profitable avenues of investment offering attractive returns.

Our in-house team of professionals includes executive management, investment consultants, analysts, portfolio managers, tech venture specialists, IT professionals, customer service and admin personnel, sales and marketing experts and more. These are enhanced by our network of professionals and consultants employed by us on an ad hoc basis when required. These include external auditors, legal and tax advisors among others.


At Marcovelli Brothers we offer our clients a variety of services including wealth and portfolio management, tech investment and venture capital, as well as financial and investment advice. The solutions we present to our clients are tailored to their unique circumstances and requirements and aimed to cater to their needs and to present them with attractive ROIs.

Among the services we offer:


Our advisors works with the client to formulate a comprehensive investment plan based on their wishes, requirements and future needs. Our researchers and analysts scout the market, looking for worthy investment opportunities to offer. We carry out in depth research and due diligence on all the products we offer.


We manage and monitor portfolio performance on behalf of our clients, we make necessary adjustments in response to market fluctuations and to client requests.

We keep our clients informed whenever changes need to be implemented.


We offer our clients the opportunity to be a part of the exciting world of tech startup seed investment. We specialize in particular in the IT, telecom and technological sectors in upcoming markets around the world. With our network of business partners and associates we are uniquely positioned to identify exclusive investment opportunities with market disruptive potential.


Our customers are looking for a discrete and dedicated team positioned squarely on their side and looking out for their interests.

We believe in full transparency with our clients and make sure to keep them in the loop and inform them at regular intervals, providing them with updates as and when circumstances require.
Our customer liaison advisors are available 24/7 to address the clients' queries and instructions. 


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Learn more about the range of services and portfolio options we provide. Send us a message and a team member will contact you to set up an introductory call with our advisory staff.


At Marcovelli Brothers we view your privacy and its protection with paramount importance. 

Your personal or company information will not be shared with any third parties without your specific consent, with the following specified exceptions:
  • Affiliated companies within your or our corporate organization
  • Business partners
  • Third party service providers - these are only exposed to data and information necessary to carry out their duties on your behalf, and then strictly in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.
  • Legally required purposes - Examples of this include preparation to a merger, company asset sale or divestment, ahead of acquisition or financing by another organization when customer information is a saleable asset, or when the law requires as a result of legal processes or subpoena, to protect safety, to protect our rights, as part of fraud investigation, or when requested to do so legally by pertinent government departments.